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    News The Scav Forums are LIVE

    The long-awaited ScavengerCraft forums are live!
    A few things will be able to be found here from now on. For instance, you can find the official Community and Factions rules here, as well all of our voting links, bans, AND you can now apply for staff here! A lot of these forums have been designed to mimic the original ScavengerCraft, such as publicly visible staff applications, the Market forum, and the feedback forums.

    When you create an account here, you'll need to run the command /link in-game to receive your rank on the forums. Otherwise, you'll just be a regular, registered user.

    If you have the TNT rank or higher, you have a cool new feature: You can delete your own Threads and Posts in the forums! For all other ranks, posts will not be deleted, and you'll have to request that a staff member lock your thread to keep people from replying to it.

    The Bans page is also much more easily accessible now! This is a great tool for Factions leaders; Faction leaders can use this to determine if they want to allow a player into their faction based on their punishment history. All players can use this to determine lots of things, like if you think someone's staff application should be accepted based on their history.

    There's loads more for you to do here! Get started by introducing yourself to all of us in the Introduce Yourself! forum!