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    In order to be relevant, I have decided to make a thread here.

    About me irl:
    Hi! My name is Daniel, I'm 21 and I live in Florida. I am currently working full-time as an electrician in my area and I am about to start classes in trade school in order to receive a license in my field of work. I have been working in the electrical field since May 2018 (started the day after my high school graduation) and have been with 4 different companies during this time.

    About me ingame:
    My current ign is Libtard but I am an OG ScavCraft player from 2013 when my ign was Mfrozencoolkid15. After I stopped playing ScavCraft, I played a good amount of OPCraft (this server is no longer online so I hope this isn't considered advertising), a few prison servers, and a prison/kitpvp server. I am looking forward to the comeback of ScavCraft and can't wait to see what is in store for this server.


    Staff Member
    Hi Daniel! My name is Zach! I have seen ya in-game and I can tell you are nice, hard working individual. I look forward to the success of Scav as well! Looking forward to seeing you more in-game. :)