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    Recruiting Lean Faction

    Welcome to the Lean faction recruitment thread!

    I know it is early for a faction recruitment thread but I have big plans for this faction. I am looking for experienced 1.7-1.8 faction players. Please respond to this thread with your experience and qualifications.

    Qualifications we are looking for:
    -PvPers (ofc)
    -Base Bitch (maybe for grinders?)

    If you want to know a little bit about me: My name is Daniel, I am 21, and my current ign is Libtard. I am an OG ScavCraft player from 2013. I had Emerald rank and I used to be in a very powerful faction who usually assumed control of the pvp warp. The only players I remember is XxFiVeDiViSioNzX and someone with a name consisting of Benchwarmer, both of whom were in a faction with me. My old ign was "Mfrozencoolkid15" (I was 11 when I named myself, gimme a break). Unfortunately, I do work full-time but I will be putting almost all of my free time into this server and faction and hoping this server will make a successful comeback into the Minecraft factions community.

    If you have any questions for me or just in general, just reply to this thread or contact me on discord at de#2377 and I will try to respond when I can.