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    IMPORTANT Guide to Applying for Staff

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    Staff Member
    Please use the following format when applying for staff.

    Minecraft In-game name: (Please type your full in-game name.)
    Discord Name: (ie. Weeb#9998)
    Age: (State your age.)
    Time Zone : (ie. GMT-6)
    General Available Time Frame: (Please describe the time frames you are available and on which days these time frames are.)
    Describe your ban and or mute history, if any: (Please describe your ban and mute history in full-detail, if none, type in "n/a".)
    Personal Information: (Tell us a bit about yourself! No need to disclose name or anything, just tell us are you are.)
    Previous moderation experience: (Please detail past experience in moderation, if none type "n/a".)
    List any other potential skills you may have that could aid the server, if any: (Plugin development? Any technicial skills whatsoever that you didn't mention before? Mention them here.)
    Describe why you want to be on the team: (Please describe why you are interested in joining the staff team.)

    By submitting a staff application, you agree to the following statements:
    1. Submittal of this form does not guarantee any consideration or interview for a position on the ScavengerCraft team. I will not display myself as a member of the staff team and will not attempt to lead others to believe that I am a staff member or under consideration for a position until such information has been directly disclosed to me by a current member of the staff team.
    2. I understand that consideration will require a formal interview that will include members of the staff team over a Discord voice or video call.
    3. I understand that the staff team may at any time deny my application for any reason.
    4. I understand that if accepted to the staff team, I will be expected to abide by rules and procedures specifically in place for staff members, which may be communicated both verbally and in written form. Failure to abide by such may result in termination from the staff team.
    Not open for further replies.