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    News End of Season 2

    Season 2 has officially ended! Congratulations to the following for winning the following rewards:

    1st Place -
    Nova (Leader: QuasiNova) $150 Paypal or $250 Store Buycraft Voucher
    2nd Place - Grim (Leader: Vangs) $100 Paypal or $200 Store Buycraft Voucher
    3rd Place - Gang (Leader: YoungTravis) $50 Paypal or $150 Store Buycraft Voucher

    1st Place -
    YoungTravis: $25 Store Voucher
    2nd Place - TWRQ: $20 Store Voucher
    3rd Place - QuasiNova: $15 Store Voucher

    We have a lot of changes coming in Season 3! We can't tell you about all of them just yet, but we can tell you that we're hard at work to make all of these changes happen! We'll update you with a release date as soon as possible. Stay tuned until then!