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    1. Music4lity

      News A much needed update

      This is not the same Scav that closed in 2016. This is a new iteration under new ownership, and we do not have data from 2016 under the previous owner. We can't offer your rank or credit for it, but we do hope that you'll play on this new recreation.
    2. Music4lity

      IMPORTANT Forums Bug Fix - Emails

      An issue that was preventing emails from being sent by the forums has been resolved. If you have tried to sign up and did not receive your confirmation email to register your account, you can now resend your verification email and receive it. Be sure to check your Spam folder for the email.
    3. Music4lity

      News A much needed update

      As you most likely know, we have been in development for over a month. In that time, we have been deploying bug fixes, infrastructure upgrades, and much more. I can't thank you enough for your continued support and patience. And now, here's some info to put you at ease! UPDATES First and...
    4. Music4lity

      News End of Season 2

      Season 2 has officially ended! Congratulations to the following for winning the following rewards: FTOP REWARDS 1st Place - Nova (Leader: QuasiNova) $150 Paypal or $250 Store Buycraft Voucher 2nd Place - Grim (Leader: Vangs) $100 Paypal or $200 Store Buycraft Voucher 3rd Place - Gang (Leader...
    5. Music4lity

      News The Scav Forums are LIVE

      The long-awaited ScavengerCraft forums are live! A few things will be able to be found here from now on. For instance, you can find the official Community and Factions rules here, as well all of our voting links, bans, AND you can now apply for staff here! A lot of these forums have been...
    6. Music4lity

      Why Lunar Client and Badlion Client do not indicate legitimacy

      What are Badlion and Lunar Client? These clients provide mods for Minecraft with a walled-garden approach. This means it allows players to use common mods that are, in theory, bug free and allow for easy customization on the server and client side. These clients also include their own...
    7. Music4lity

      IMPORTANT General support information

      This area is publicly accessible to all members. Community members are encouraged to help others who need assistance, and are thus encouraged to respond to threads here. Since this area is publicly accessible, we need to stress that you should not post any personally identifiable information...
    8. Music4lity

      IMPORTANT Appeals information

      If you have been banned for any reason, you are given the opportunity to appeal that ban. Ban appeals are not an avenue to erasing your ban history, and are also not an avenue to further dispute your ban. These decisions have already been finalized. Alternatively, ban appeals are a way to...
    9. Music4lity

      IMPORTANT How to report a player

      Players can be reported here for any violation of the official rules. When you report someone, there are a few simple steps that you need to take: You must collect evidence. Reports will not be processed if they do not include evidence. Evidence may be collected in the form of photos or videos...