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    Beta Testers Program

    ScavengerCraft's Beta Testers Program is aimed at tackling bugs, perfomance and gameplay issues, and feature improvements prior to an official release. We like to get feedback from the players who will be playing on the server to give us some more in-depth insight into what we need to change before going public. In return for partaking in our closed beta phase and as a "Thank you" for all of our participants' work, we offer the following perks to our Beta Testers:

    • Beta Tester role in the Scav Discord server and on the Scav forums
    • A $20 ScavengerCraft store voucher (each season)
    • Access to Beta Tester only chat
    • Access to a Beta Tester only in-game lobby
    • Exclusive Beta Tester events and giveaways



    To receive the rewards listed above, you must meet all of the following requirements prior to the end of the closed beta phase:

    • 7 hours of active playtime during the closed beta (AFK time is not calculated)
    • An active ScavengerCraft forums account that has been linked to your Minecraft account in-game
    • An active Discord account that has been linked to your Minecraft account in-game
    • Noticeably active participation in the closed beta chatrooms on Discord



    All you have to do to sign up is fill out the form below. If we add you to our Beta Testers team, we will contact you via email to let you know more information.