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    An issue that was preventing emails from being sent by the forums has been resolved. If you have tried to sign up and did not receive your confirmation email to register your account, you can now resend your verification email and receive it. Be sure to check your Spam folder for the email.
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    As you most likely know, we have been in development for over a month. In that time, we have been deploying bug fixes, infrastructure upgrades, and much more. I can't thank you enough for your continued support and patience. And now, here's some info to put you at ease!

    First and foremost, the crates are going to be revamped with new items and new winning chances. Crates were too easily abused last season, and people would buy crate keys from the token shop, get a reward of a few hundred tokens, and then buy more keys. It was an endless cycle. We intend to keep that from happening anymore.

    The Factions rules have changed just a bit, in case you haven't noticed. You can view them in the Rules and Information forum here.

    The donor kits are going to be revamped in a few areas. Namely, in-game money and spawners for on-purchase rewards is going to be adjusted. Why...
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    Season 2 has officially ended! Congratulations to the following for winning the following rewards:

    1st Place -
    Nova (Leader: QuasiNova) $150 Paypal or $250 Store Buycraft Voucher
    2nd Place - Grim (Leader: Vangs) $100 Paypal or $200 Store Buycraft Voucher
    3rd Place - Gang (Leader: YoungTravis) $50 Paypal or $150 Store Buycraft Voucher

    1st Place -
    YoungTravis: $25 Store Voucher
    2nd Place - TWRQ: $20 Store Voucher
    3rd Place - QuasiNova: $15 Store Voucher

    We have a lot of changes coming in Season 3! We can't tell you about all of them just yet, but we can tell you that we're hard at work to make all of these changes happen! We'll update you with a release date as soon as possible. Stay tuned until then!
    The long-awaited ScavengerCraft forums are live!
    A few things will be able to be found here from now on. For instance, you can find the official Community and Factions rules here, as well all of our voting links, bans, AND you can now apply for staff here! A lot of these forums have been designed to mimic the original ScavengerCraft, such as publicly visible staff applications, the Market forum, and the feedback forums.

    When you create an account here, you'll need to run the command /link in-game to receive your rank on the forums. Otherwise, you'll just be a regular, registered user.

    If you have the TNT rank or higher, you have a cool new feature: You can delete your own Threads and Posts in the forums! For all other ranks, posts will not be deleted, and you'll have to request that a staff member lock your thread to keep people from replying to it.

    The Bans page is also much more easily accessible now! This is a great...

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